An update from 22.04.23

Good day, dear friends! Due to the large number of requests to technical support from buyers and sellers of 3D models (3D modelers) expressing their interesting ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the development of our marketplaces "CGBandit" and "Bendtrade" - we summed up and summarized all the appeals and we made certain conclusions, revised the further development strategy for both of the marketplaces. The changes mostly relate to the sellers of 3D models, but there is some very pleasant news for buyers as well.

On April 22nd, 2023, changes and updates were introduced and adopted.

Updates for sellers of 3D models:

Updates for buyers of 3D models:

  • Starting from 22.04.23, a section has appeared in the personal account of buyers: "Purchase History", thanks to which you can view a list of previously purchased 3D models, and, if necessary, download them again without buying a 3D model again. Learn more in the article: A guideline for buyers of 3D models

To learn the updates in detail be sure to read these 4 articles: