Affiliate program from

This affiliate program is available only to those who have been approved for cooperation by the administration of the marketplace.
By participating in the affiliate program, you can get the opportunity to monetize from audience you have as the owner of big internet traffic like: information resources, web sites , as a blogger or an affiliate marketer and etc.

By prior agreement with the administration of the marketplace, you will receive an exclusive promotional code. According to which your audience will get a 35% discount on the purchase of monthly subscriptions we have available (№3, №4, №5) what allows to download 3D models and 3D scenes.
For each purchase with using your personal promotional code, you will get affiliate commission which will be automatically transferred to you. Amount for each purchase will be $8.

Here is an example of a partnership affiliate program:
Let’s say you brought 1000 people who bought monthly subscription (№3,№4,№5)
1000 people x $8 = $8000 (this amount will be on your balance).

Those are real money, that can be withdrawn to your company bank account (we can conclude a real or contract between us ) or also you can withdraw it on your personal bank account via SWIFT system or by using PayPal, Web Money, Western Union etc.

When one month subscription will end , your audience can buy a subscription for another month with your personal promocode. You again will get $8 by affiliate program.
That means you can get stable income every month!

Of course, everything will be individual with each partner in terms of income. For example, someone has an Instagram account with 2 million subscribers or a web site with monthly internet traffic of 1.500.000 unique visits and someone has mild or low amount of audience and subscribers.

Of course we are open to proposals for partnership to other people also, like: interior designers, 3D visualizers, CG artists, with their own loyal audience, for example 15,000 subscribers.

As in their auditory there may be a good percentage of potential stable subscription purchasers with their personal promocodes.

Your target audience: viewers, subscribers, friends will be grateful for such opportunity. It will be useful for everyone to receive 35% discount promo code as they did not know about this before.
In addition, the administration of the marketplace does not distribute discount promotional codes to everyone on the first request.

From December 20, we are creating a shortlist of partners providing exclusive discount promotional codes to their audience! It is important to understand, that from the moment the administration issues a promotional code to you, there are 45 days for your audience to activate your personal promotional code.

This means that your followers or subscribers and a new audience will know that you are giving out promotional codes. Information you provided will be exclusive and systematically reliable on your media, with using the new promo code protection system, to save 35% of the cost from subscription cost every month. As a result, every time you will have systematic commission from each of the previously mentioned subscription buyers.

This is long-term and profitable cooperation, since our library of 3D models, 3D scenes are constantly updating with new latest and relevant collections of 3D models of: interior-exterior elements, furniture and etc.
New trends in design, architecture, game development, cinema, VR / AR, VFX studios, etc., are constantly being updated. New objects appear in the world every day. As a result, new 3D models are needed by Designers, Architects, 3D visualizers, CG artists, cinematographers, game developers, visual effects studios, etc.

Let’s analyze in details all the steps to start earning on the affiliate program:


-You need to register at When you register, try to come up with a beautiful login, as this name will be part of your future exclusive promotional codes.

-Write a private message to the technical support of the marketplace in any form that you would like to participate in this affiliate program:

Send us links to your social network, for example: Instagram, Facebook, Behance, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, any website or other resources, traffic channels, etc.

If you have any other traffic sources that we did not consideration above, tell us about them also.

-After our approval for cooperation with you, we will issue for you exclusive promotional code, for example:

[ArleanaDes till 01/15/21] - in this example (until 01/15/21) means that your audience will be able to activate the discount promotional code until 01/15/21.

This promotional code has a certain expiration date, to activate a 35% discount on a subscription, from the date of issuance of an exclusive promotional code (45 days).

At the end of the period of your exclusive promotional code, you can reapply for a new one
with a period of another 45 days. All issued promotional codes are recorded in our database.

After registration you will publish: posts, stories, images, banner ads and etc., in your social media or websites and etc., like information resources - sites, Instagram, Facebook, Behance, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

If you are an Internet resource - a web site, place banner ads on the pages of your site, etc. (at your discretion).

You can change the text of our post, since you know your audience better, the main thing is to keep the logical structure of using your promotional code.

Otherwise, they will send us a lot of questions as:
"How to activate a discount promotional code?"

Please use all your imagination for advertising. Integrate ads into your YouTube videos and etc. Please contact us if you need advertising images, our designers will help you create them.

An example and logic of your future post and message to your audience:

Do you want to download good quality 3D models and 3D scenes with reasonable price?! By using promocode [ArleanaDes for 01/15/21], you will receive a 35% discount on subscriptions at, marketplace.
Manual on how to activate a promo code:
Information about the types of subscriptions:
The discount promotional code can be used until January 15th.

By specific promo code, technical support understands that the buyer of the subscription is from you, and within 2-10 minutes after purchase, we transfer your partner commission of $8 to your personal balance.

Your commission will be credited in to your account almost immediately. This means that you can do out a test purchase at any time! To test how this works, you can buy subscription with help of your friend or any other person or even yourself. Just purchase subscription at: (, use your own exclusive promotional code, and make sure of our honesty and integrity.


We will be glad to cooperate and hear your feedback.
Regards, administration of