How do 3D modelers earn selling 3D models at marketplace?

How do I earn selling my own 3D models, 3D scenes at marketplace:

1)Selling your 3D models or 3D scenes at prime cost you get 40-60% commission. Your commission depends on total amount of your models..

40% - Up to 30 uploaded models in your profile
50% - Up to 50 uploaded models in your profile
60% - 70+ uploaded models in your profile

You get to name the price for your model/scene during upload to the website:
If you want to change the price of already uploaded model – ask tech support.

If you have a lot of copyright 3D models and you don’t have time to upload them, don’t miss your profit, ask tech support.
We upload all of your models to your profile! Fast and easy, and you don’t miss your chance to get potential passive income!

You can view your sales here:

You can view the amount of your model’s downloads here:

Your earnings add to your deposit. You can withdraw money from your rouble deposit to Mastercard, Visa, Mir, PayPal, Western Union, WebMoney, Yandex money, Koronapay, etc. Using your account money you can also:
-Purchase Subscriptions
-Purchase 3D models and 3D scenes by retail at prime cost..

Our system is fast: someone buys your 3D model, your account immediately receives money, download counter updates.

2) Besides earning by selling your 3D models at prime cost, you also get passive income to your account from sales of subscriptions that let you download 3D models, 3D scenes.

Subscription rebate distribution:

For example: People bought subscriptions for $250000.00 during a month. 40% ($100000.00) went to, 60% ($150000.00) was distributed among contributors (sellers of 3D models and 3D scenes) according to their contribution amount (selling 3D models and 3D scenes) to subscription system.

One more example: There are 100 3D models in subscription system. There are 100 contributors of said 3D models. Each contributor has 1 3D model uploaded in their profile. Therefore, contributor’s income = 1% rebate. Therefore, $150000.00 х 1% = $1500.00 charged to deposit.

Above examples are given for ease of understanding. Actually, your rebate works instantly, at the same time as subscription is being purchased. Subscription have different price, different discount, that’s why you see different rebate amounts in section "Subscription rebate":

Please note, every 10 minutes there are new contributors uploading their 3D models to subscription system. Each of the following subscription purchases is calculated according to the updated amount of 3D models in subscription system. 3D model becomes a contribution to subscription system since it is uploaded to marketplace storefront.

How is the price of 3D scene calculated?

Subscription system recognizes 3D scene as a number of 3D models. Oftentimes 1 3D scene equals 10 3D models. The content in the scene is counted by marketplace administration, since there are rather well made scenes which worth 20 3D model uploads.

If the quality of 3D model/3D scene is low, its author gets retail rebate only. We perfectly understand that sharing rebate of low quality models is not fair to contributors. Author get immediately notified that their 3D model will not get them rebate from subscription system.

Also, the sheer fact of uploading 3D model/3D scene gets you bonuses to your bonus account:
Learn how the bonus system works: