Promotion: "Receive your $250 gift". Your 250 bonuses = $250 on your account balance

Friends, we have started a promotion! Have a chance to receive your gift! Get up to $250 bonuses on your balance at, and download any paid 3D models, 3D scenes for the accrued bonuses. 3D models with badge “FREE" you can always download for free, even if you have a balance of 0$(zero) and 0(zero) bonuses.

What do you need to do to receive a gift:

Step 1.
Make a post in a free form in any of your social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Behance, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.
Just recommend our courses , our website with 3D models, and scenes in your post.

Step 2.
To receive the bonuses, send to technical support link to your social accounts ( networks with already made posts, for our internal checking. If you have closed accounts before you contact technical support, temporarily open your accounts for the duration of the review. Be sure to write the login of your account on so that we understand who you are and to whom we need to send gifts!

Article on how to find out your login: (

Hooray, that’s it! Time to receive your gifts!

The size of the given gift will depend on the total number of all your subscriber friends in all your social networks:

Up to 50 (friends, subscribers) - 10 Bonuses = $10
Up to 300 (friends, subscribers) - 30 Bonuses = $30
Up to 500 (friends, subscribers) - 60 Bonuses = $60
Up to 1000 (friends, subscribers) - 75 Bonuses = $75
Up to 1500 (friends, subscribers) - 80 Bonuses = $80
Up to 2000 (friends, subscribers) - 100 Bonuses = $100
Up to 5000 (friends, subscribers) - 125 Bonuses = $125
Up to 25,000 (friends, subscribers) - 150 Bonuses = $150
Up to 100,000 (friends, subscribers) - 180 Bonuses = $180
From 100,000 (friends, subscribers) - 250 Bonuses = $250

One last thing, choose your most popular social network, with the largest number of subscribers. The best way is to make posts on all of your social networks!

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