A guideline for buyers of 3D models

All ways you can purchase 3D models on the marketplace bendtrade.com

3D models that are in the Payable category (filter by): «Payable» https://bendtrade.com/3dmodels?filter=pay can be downloaded in 3 ways:

№1 Purchase method (for the full cost of the 3D model):

Any 3D model in the «Payable» category regardless of the presence or absence of a status: «SUB» can always be purchased for the full cost of the model.

The full price of the model is listed here:

Starting from 22.04.23, when you buy a 3D model for the full price, this 3D model is saved in your "Purchase History" section. In the "Purchase History" section of your personal account, you can re-download previously purchased 3D models for the full price without buying them again. This section is very useful in cases of loss of purchased 3D models on your computer, this section allows you to download the 3D models again if necessary.

Browse the "Purchase history" here:

№2 Purchase method of the «SUB» 3D model (a monthly subscription bargain):

- When the 3D model has a status: «SUB» next to its price tag, this means that the author of this 3D model has agreed that their model can be downloaded at a
very favorable price of ≈ $0.23 apiece. You can purchase it through «Lucrative monthly subscriptions for downloading 3D models» (Read more about how to purchase a subscription and how does the subscription system work)

Example of the 3D models that have status «SUB»:

3D Models downloaded via the №2 Purchase method of the «SUB» 3D model (a monthly subscription bargain) are not saved to the "Purchase History".

If the 3D model does not have the status: "SUB", it means that this model can only be purchased via №1 Purchase method (for the full cost of the 3D model) or №3 Purchase method (Payment with bonuses). Here is an example of 3D models that do not have the "SUB" status:

№3 Purchase method (Payment with bonuses):

Bonuses can buy any 3D model in the category (filter by): "Payable" https://bendtrade.com/3dmodels?filter=payOne bonus = 1$. Read more about "The bonus system on bendtrade.com for downloading "Payable" 3D models for free" https://bendtrade.com/instruction/bonus3dmodel

Note: The models downloaded via №3 Purchase method (Payment with bonuses) are not saved in the "Purchase History". The download link for the 3D model is active after debiting the bonuses until the end of the day 00:00 Turkish time (UTC/GMT+3).

3D models with the status: «FREE»(Free of charge) can be downloaded via:

(№1 Default 3D model subscription) - this subscription is automatically assigned to a user after their registration on the marketplace.Price: $0. Period – unlimited. Every following day you get 3 downloads of 3D models with the status «FREE»(Free of charge).
If you want to increase the daily download limit you need to purchase an extended subscription plan (Read more about lucrative monthly subscriptions: https://bendtrade.com/instruction/abonement-3dmodels-info)